What is PLPD Insurance?

What is PLPD insurance?

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Understanding PLPD auto insurance

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Before you get behind the wheel in Michigan, there are a few things you have to take care of. 

To protect yourself and your finances in the event of an accident, you will need to get PLPD auto insurancePLPD car insurance in Michigan covers auto accidents when you’re at fault. 

To help you avoid additional financial burdens during this stressful time, learn about PLPD even before you get on the road:

  • PLPD Insurance Definition
  • What does PLPD Cover
  • PLPD vs. Full Coverage
  • PLPD Insurance Michigan Cost
  • Independent Insurance Agent
  • Best way to get PLPD Auto Insurance Quotes

Before learning about the easiest way to get a PLPD insurance rates, read about PLPD insurance meaning, coverage, and the pros of trusting an independent insurance agent.

What does PLPD stand for?

PLPD stands for “personal liability and property damage.” It is also known as liability insurance or bodily injury coverage.

What is PLPD insurance?

Most states will have some basic form of mandatory car insurance, but specifics will vary from state to state.

PLPD in Michigan is coverage for another driver’s medical treatment and property damage when you are at fault in an automobile accident. PLPD Michigan auto insurance also covers passenger’s medical bills and the other party’s lost wages due to injury.

PLPD generally means that a driver’s auto insurance policy contains the minimum type of coverage required by state law. All Michigan motor vehicles are required by law to carry PLPD insurance. Failing to apply for PLPD puts drivers in legal jeopardy.

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What does PLPD cover in Michigan?

Michigan PLPD insurance is sold as either a single item or two separate policies. The two categories of PLPD coverage translate to:

  • Personal liability component
  • Property damage component

PLPD in Michigan includes three sections: 

Personal Injury Protection (PIP)

For most drivers, PIP coverage is the heart of a no-fault policy. In case of injury during a car accident, PIP covers:

  • Medical expenses: No maximum limit.
  • Wage loss: Covers 85% of wage to be earned up to a 3-year period. The amount that is given will have a cap, and this varies annually.
  • Other related expenses

Residual Liability Insurance

The two parts of personal liability insurance cover the:

  • Maximum amount per accident
  • Maximum amount per person

The minimum liability coverage a driver must carry is $250,00 per person and $500,000 per accident. However, it’s recommended that drivers carry no less than $500,000 per person and $1,000,000 per accident.

If a driver is sued after a car accident and the court finds them legally responsible, Residual Liability Insurance will cover bodily injury and property damage costs.

Liability coverage for bodily injury

  • Up to $20,000 for an individual who is injured or killed in a car accident
  • Up to $40,000 for each accident where several people are injured or killed

Liability coverage for property damage

This part covers damage done to someone else’s car or motor vehicle in the event of an automobile accident. 

  • Up to $10,000 for property damage in another state

In cases that the court deems damage to be more than the policy coverage, the driver found to be legally responsible will have to pay for the excess amount. To avoid such scenarios and protect their finances, drivers are more likely to buy higher liability insurance limits.

Property Protection Insurance (PPI)

PPI covers damages to non-vehicular property and buildings when a driver is found at-fault. This excludes parked cars that are considered property instead of motor vehicles.

  • Up to $1,000,000 for non-vehicular property damage 

What isn't included with your PLPD auto insurance policy?

Before moving on to this section, take note of the policy insurance inclusions of Full coverage insurance:

Full coverage auto insurance policy includes r collision and comprehensive coverage:

  • Collision coverage: protection for vehicular damage while driving
  • Comprehensive coverage: protects your car in case of damage other than during the course of driving (fire, vandalism, theft)

These safety policies only apply to a vehicle that is insured under the no-fault policy.

PLPD vs. Full coverage Michigan

PLPD car insurance Michigan is essentially full coverage insurance minus collision and comprehensive coverage. These are the accidents and repairs that are not covered by PLPD insurance in Michigan:

Collision Coverage

This covers repairs for an insured car or truck if it is damaged in an accident in Michigan:

  • Standard collision coverage: Most common type of collision coverage where you will have to pay for your deductible regardless of fault
  • Broad form collision coverage: Most expensive coverage. If found less than 50% at fault, insurance will waive your collision deductible.
  • Limited collision coverage without a deductible
  • Limited collision coverage with a deductible

Comprehensive Coverage

This pays for repairs for a motor vehicle damaged by something other than a collision. This includes instances such as fire, theft, vandalism, flooding, or hail. Michigan PLPD also does not cover damage caused by animals, such as deer.

Uninsured (UM) or Underinsured (UIM) Motorist Coverage 

PLPD does not cover damages caused by an uninsured driver or by a driver who is covered with inadequate liability limits. 

Limited Property Damage or Mini-Tort coverage

If a driver is responsible for damage to another motor vehicle, individual insurance agencies will pay up to $3,000 to cover repair costs. This is only applicable to vehicle damage that is not covered by the other driver’s insurance policy.

Towing and Rental Car Coverage

PLPD does not cover damage of towing and rental cars due to unforeseen events, including flat tires, breakdowns, or accidents.

Does PLPD insurance in Michigan cover theft?

PLPD auto insurance Michigan does not cover theft. Since damage is only limited to the car owner and does not affect the car or property owner, drivers will have to purchase additional insurance to cover theft.

Theft falls under comprehensive insurance, which covers repairs to a driver’s car caused by an event other than a collision.

How much does PLPD insurance cost in Michigan?

Most states will have a minimum amount of PLPD or liability insurance.

Compared to the national average, PLPD auto insurance is more expensive. Rates range from $2,2000 to $3,000 or more per year. This is almost 83% more than the national average.

The average monthly liability coverage in Michigan is $68, compared to the average monthly coverage rate of $116.

For Michigan, PLPD low coverage requirements are 20/40/10, meaning:

  • Bodily injury liability coverage per person: $20,000
  • Bodily injury liability coverage for multiple people per accident: $40,000
  • Property damage liability coverage: $10,000
  • Uninsured motorist bodily injury coverage: $20,000 per person and $40,000 per accident
  • Property Protection Insurance: $1,000,000
  • Personal Injury Protection: Unlimited with $0, $300, or $500 deductible

Standard medium coverage is 50/100/50 while high coverage limits can reach 100/300/100. Some Michigan insurance companies can offer coverage of up to $500,000.

Personal injury protection (PIP) is required, but the amount will depend on the type of health insurance coverage you have. 

Property protection insurance (PPI) has a minimum limit of $1,000,00 in property damage coverage. As Michigan is a no-fault state, PPI will cover the damages, regardless of who is responsible for an accident.

Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage is not required.

How much liability coverage do I need with my PLPD insurance policy?

Experts recommend purchasing as much liability coverage as you can afford. This is because drivers can never predict who can get injured or the extent of that injury.

While it is impossible to control accidents and how much risk one is exposed to, it is possible to determine if your budget can still accommodate more car insurance. 

Your approximate net worth will serve as the benchmark for your car insurance coverage. 

Recommended auto insurance liability coverage should tally your assets, including:

  • Your house and property
  • Bank accounts and retirement accounts
  • Investments
  • Automobiles

If your assets allow you to have an abundance of security, you can prevent financial burden if an accident occurs.

What is an independent insurance agent?

Figuring out the best auto insurance plan for you can be complicated.

You will need a licensed professional to help customize programs that are specific to your needs. If you’re looking for auto insurance PLPD great option for Michigan drivers is to trust an independent insurance agent.

Insurance agents work with many insurance carriers and are not bound to one large insurance company. Instead of selling their own insurance products, independent insurance agents work on behalf of their clients to obtain the right policies from insurance companies.

Independent vs. Captive/Exclusive Insurance Agent

Independent insurance agents offer more variety in insurance products compared to exclusive agents. Captive or exclusive insurance agents can only offer one insurance company’s products to clients.

Independent insurance agents can help clients to purchase safety policies from several insurance companies. This ensures that all unique client needs are met.

Considering such cases, trusting independent insurance agents is one o the best ways to get your PLPD.

To help you make the leap, here are some of the advantages of going with an independent insurance agent:

Get all types of insurance

If you would like to expand your auto insurance coverage, independent agencies can coordinate with your local insurance companies to find the best deals for insurance policies, including life, business, and home insurance.

Switching insurance providers

Since independent agents are not tied down to a single agency, it is easy to make the switch to another insurance provider. Independent insurance agents can assist you in coordinating the switch, which means you can work with the same agent with whom you have already built a relationship. Otherwise, you will have to start from scratch by going with a new insurance provider.


Most independent agents are well-versed in insurance needs that are specific to your state and area. Local Michigan insurance agents will know all the necessary details to help you find insurance policies and coverage perfect for your needs.

Avoid  one-size-fits-all solutions

Independent insurance agencies will help you figure out the best PLPD coverage for you, depending on your assets and individual needs. Agents will carefully review several options for your insurance. This will allow clients to find insurance plans that fit their needs rather than fitting their needs to what the company can offer.

Peace of mind and confidence

Trusting an expert to find a formula that can save you from financial distress is a huge deal. An independent agent will be able to give you expert guidance. Aside from this, you will be able to personally communicate with a professional if you have an emergency. This beats waiting on hold when you work with larger investment companies.

PLPD Michigan Auto Insurance - Get Covered

To protect yourself and your finances, look for comprehensive PLPD coverage. In 

PLPD Michigan auto insurance covers personal liability, spanning:

  • Property damage (out-of-state accidents)
  • Property Protection Insurance or PPI (in-state accidents)
  • Personal Injury Protection or PIP

PLPD Michigan auto insurance does not include collision or comprehensive coverage, although some drivers will purchase comprehensive without collision coverage.

Personal liability and property damage will cover the majority of costs associate with accidents, particularly for the other driver and their car. It will cover:

  • Medical costs for the driver and other passengers if injured
  • Legal fees if the driver was sued
  • Other relevant damage to vehicles and property

If you are looking for more comprehensive auto insurance, full coverage may be the best choice for you instead of car insurance PLPD. To figure out the best course of action for you, get in touch with an auto insurance agent.

But before settling for PLPD coverage Michigan, carefully compare rates and policies from various insurance companies.

Continue reading the next section to find out how.

How to compare PLPD car insurance quotes

Before getting behind the wheel in Michigan, get in touch with an auto insurance company to provide financial protection for you, especially if you get involved in an accident.

The best course of action is to call up an independent insurance agent for affordable rates and personalized services. Your car insurance agent can help you understand specific coverages, discounts, claims, and state requirements. The right agent will also consider your background and assets to find the right products and policies for you. 

It is tempting to go for an insurance policy that is cheap and affordable. However, to truly protect yourself and your finances, make sure to fully understand the insurance company you trust.

Here’s what every Michigan should remember: car insurance policies and rates are not created equally. It can be complicated to try to get insurance quotes and compare each one individually.

Thankfully, finding a trustworthy agent that will look out for all your needs can be simplified by getting a personalized PLPD insurance quote. You can find the best rates, discounts, and product options available for you. 

Car Insurance Comparison Sites

To be able to compare car insurance rates at once, consider checking out car insurance comparison sites. These simple-to-use programs can give you a brief overview of your options, making it easier to get into detail about the companies you are interested in working with.

While you can still check a PLPD insurance company website, you will not have the luxury of having a side-by-side comparison of the best insurance policies for you.

Find the right Michigan PLPD car insurance

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