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To stay safe while behind the wheel in Flint, Michigan, getting comprehensive auto insurance is always a good idea.

PLPD Inc Flint MI is the minimum coverage auto insurance required in the state.

Learn about PLPD coverage, rates, and the best insurance agencies in Michigan.

Before covering why it is best to trust an independent insurance agent for personalized insurance solutions, learn about the unique traffic trends in Genesee County.

Michigan Auto Accidents and Fatality Rates

The state of Michigan has over 7 million drivers.

Since the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, about 20% fewer drivers went behind the wheel due to safety restrictions. This resulted in the least number of crashes in the state since 2010, dipping 22% since 2019.

However, it is troubling that auto accident fatalities increased in 2020, despite fewer cars on the road. A reported 1,083 traffic fatalities were reported in 2020, the highest in Michigan since 2007. Due to the higher count of fatalities despite fewer people on the road, it can be deduced that Michigan traffic accidents are becoming more severe.

It is also important to note that Michigan drivers travel greater distances by car on weekdays than the national average.  The average travel distance in Michigan is about 13 miles on weekdays, while the national average is around 11.8 miles. 

Driving in Flint, Genesee County

Flint is the largest city in Genesee County, Michigan. With a population of 94,760+, Flint is the seventh-largest city in the state of Michigan.

Genesee County has about 405,800+ residents. About 173,500+ Genesee County residents are employed, and the majority of them commute to work by car. 

The average car ownership in Flint, Michigan, is one car per household.

The majority of Flint residents also travel to work alone by car at an average of 22 minutes on a weekday. The average travel time in Genesee County is around 26.2 minutes, not far from the national average of 26.5 minutes.

In a study in 2013, it was found that Flint residents are more likely to commute to work outside of the city. Flint workers will travel as far as Jackson, Ingham, and Kent for work. From 2002 to 2013, Flint workers who had to travel to their job outside the city steadily increased to 75%.

These data on Flint commuters all point to the fact that a large portion of Flint drivers enter highways and intersections daily.

In a year-end report by Michigan State Police in 2019, Genesee County dealt with a total of 10,656 crashes. These auto accidents resulted in 49 deaths, 2,295 injuries, and a property damage count of 8,312. 

Highway crash report in Genesee County was reported to at:

  • Interstate: 1,755
  • Local Street: 6,795
  • State Route: 1,663
  • US Route: 430

Another report by the Michigan State Police analyzed the top 10 most dangerous intersections in  Genesee County:

  1. Corunna Rd – I 75, Flint Twp: 35 Total Crashes: 13 Injuries
  2. Bristol Rd – Grand Traverse St, Burton: 33 Total Crashes, 5 Injuries
  3. Lapeer Rd – State Rd, Davison Twp: 31 Total Crashes, 9 Injuries
  4. Court St – Center Rd, Burton: 31 Total Crashes, 8 Injuries
  5. Corunna Rd – Linden RD, Flint Twp, 31 Total Crashes, 1 Injury
  6. Court St – Dort Hwy, Flint: 27 Total Crashes, 10 Injuries
  7. Hill Rd – Fenton Rd, Grand Blanc Twp: 27 Total Crashes, 10 Injuries
  8. Linden Rd  – Pierson Rd, Mt Morris Twp: 26 Total Crashes, 8 Injuries
  9. Corunna Rd – Ballenger Hwy, Flint, 25 Total Crashes, 2 Injuries
  10. Court St = Irish Rd, Davison Twp: 23 Total Crashes, 16 Injuries

Top on Genesee County’s list of most dangerous intersections is Corunna Road and I-75, Flint Twp. This intersection has appeared on the annual top ten list in Flint and Genessee county in recent years. While the total crash count decreased from 51 counts in 2019 to 35 counts in 2020, injuries were reported to increase.

The second-highest number of traffic crashes happened in the busy intersection of Bristol Road and Grand Traverse Street, Burton. While the total number of crashes and injuries declined from 2019 to 2020, this intersection moved up on the list due to crash declines due to the pandemic.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, despite improvements in road design, safety features, traffic signs, and pedestrian lanes, traffic accidents in Genessee Count remain to be a major cause of injury, death, and property damage annually.

Because of the increasing rate of car commuters in Flint and the high number of traffic accidents in injuries in Genesee County intersections, drivers should get PLPD insurance Flint MI.

What is PLPD insurance in Michigan?

PLPD refers to Personal Liability and Property damage coverage. Choosing PLPD as car insurance means that the insured is getting the minimum insurance coverage required by law. 

As stated in the no-fault policy, all Flint drivers must get basic insurance to get their license plate and begin driving in Michigan.

Basic liability coverage in Michigan will cover insurance in case the insured gets involved in a car accident:

  • Medical and hospital expenses
  • Wage loss compensation
  • Repair/replacement for another person’s damaged car
  • Property coverage for other person’s damaged property

What is covered by PLPD in Michigan?

The basic thing to know about the Michigan No-Fault Policy is that it comprises of three parts:

  1. Personal Injury Protection

Also referred to as PIP, Personal Injury Protection is considered the foundation of the No-Fault policy. It states that the insured will get medical and wage loss coverage if they get involved in a car accident. 

  • No maximum limit for medical expenses
  • 85% wage loss payment (take note that the limit is revised annually)
  • Payment of up to $20 for daily routine household expenses if the insured cannot leave the hospital.
  1. Property Protection Insurance

This part of the No-Fault Policy covers property damage up to $1 million. It is for non-vehicular damage, including buildings, parked cars, and fences.

  1. Residual Liability Insurance

If the insured is found legally responsible for an auto accident, PLPD Residual Liability Insurance will cover bodily injury and property damage.

The insured will get minimum coverage if they are found legally responsible:

  • $20,000 per person if injured or killed
  • $40,000 per accident if several people are injured or killed
  • $10,000 for property damage (different state)

However, Residual Liability insurance will not be applied under the No-fault policy under these conditions:

  • Insured is found “at-fault” by the court, and the other driver involved is injured, killed, or permanently disfigured.
  • Another driver not from Michigan is involved, and the car is not registered in Michigan
  • The traffic accident happens in a different state
  • If the insured driver is weighed at least 50% responsible

What is not included in PLPD Michigan coverage?

Keep in mind that PLPD insurance is only the basic requirement for auto insurance. It is different from full coverage insurance.

PLPD auto insurance does not include:

Mini Tort or Limited Property Damage Liability

The mini-tort is an optional insurance add-on that can help drivers who are found 50% at fault in a traffic crash and if they are sued for the damages.

If the insured has a mini-tort liability, they can get their mini-tort claim from their insurance company. This amounts to a $3,000 deductible to cover the damages.

Collision and Comprehensive Insurance Coverage

What makes PLPD different from full auto insurance is that PLPD does not include collision and comprehensive coverage. This means that PLPD will not pay for the insured’s repair expenses for their own car.

Collision and comprehensive insurance will help pay for the insured’s car in case of collision or other unforeseen situations that cause vehicular damage:

Collision Insurance

Collision coverage will cover repairs to the insured’s car if it accidentally crashes into another car or fixed structure, like a tree or guard rail. It will also pay for repairs if another driver rams the insured’s car while properly parked.

Comprehensive Insurance

If a Genesee county driver would like to protect their car in cases of theft, vandalism, animal collisions, fires, natural disasters, and falling objects, comprehensive insurance will help to pay for your car repairs.

Towing and Rental Car Insurance

In case a driver would like to get an additional rental car or tow truck insurance, this will benefit them in case:

  • The insured gets involved in a car accident
  • The insured’s car breaks down
  • The insured gets a flat tire

PLPD Inc Flint MI – Independent Insurance Agents

With the growing list of insurance agencies in Michigan, it can be difficult to find the best auto insurance plans for you. Thankfully, the solution to getting the best auto insurance is clear for Michigan drivers –– independent insurance agencies.

Compared to working with an exclusive insurance company, drivers can get much more flexibility and hands-on services by trusting an independent agent. Independent insurance agencies work with multiples of insurance companies all over Michigan and the US. This means that clients have a growing list of insurance products to choose from! They do not have to settle for a one-size-fits-all insurance product.

You might be considering doing your own research of the best insurance companies in Flint, Michigan. But here’s the problem: you will not have the expert guidance of an insurance professional to make recommendations on the best deals that will benefit you. It is also more difficult to make an in-depth comparison of insurance products when you do not know what exactly you’re looking for!

Clients of independent insurance agents have the benefit of getting personalized auto insurance solutions. This is done by figuring out their ideal coverage. Agents will go in-depth to understand each client’s unique needs, assets, and budget.

If you are looking for the best PLPD insurance or auto insurance deals in Flint, Michigan, check out the SWITCH Insurance Group 24/7 Online comparison site.

Best PLPD Insurance Flint MI

SWITCH Insurance Group 

One of the most trusted independent insurance agencies in Michigan is the SWITCH Insurance group. The company has served over 12+ years in the industry, addressing the individual needs of over 3,000+ clients.

Clients can trust that the SWITCH team comprises a team of insurance experts, all dedicated to addressing all your individual needs. By considering your unique needs, budget, and assets, SWITCH will be able to figure out the best coverage for you. You can trust that SWITCH Insurance will handpick each product in your insurance plan.

It gets better because the company works with the top-rated insurance companies in the state of Michigan. You can also be assured to only get the best rates after the advanced SWITCH quote comparison site automatically compares all insurance policies available.

SWITCH Insurance group offers Personal and Commercial insurance to cater to all client’s unique needs. You can find these coverage options below:

SWITCH Insurance Group

PLPD Auto Insurance for Flint MI

All Flint, Michigan drivers can be guaranteed to find the most comprehensive auto insurance coverage at SWITCH Insurance Group. Since the company works with several of the top agencies in Michigan, clients can choose from a variety of insurance policies under:

  • PLPD and liability coverage 
  • Comprehensive and Collision Coverage
  • Personal Injury
  • Uninsured//Underinsured Motorist Insurance
  • Medical Expenses Coverage

 Michigan drivers can consider getting additional insurance policies from the SWITCH Insurance group to get better protection, including rental car services, roadside assistance, and gap coverage.

PLPD Insurance Flint MI Hours

With all of these auto insurance deals in mind, finding the best deal for you can get overwhelming. Thankfully, SWITCH Insurance Group has a 24/7 online comparison site where clients can compare rates and buy insurance policies.

To begin your journey with SWITCH, they will first assess the following to find the best coverage for you:

  • Future potential liability
  • Vehicle age
  • Driving record

For a hassle-free transaction, all you have to do is enter the following details, and you will be given a list of the best PLPD insurance rates in Flint, Michigan:

  • Name
  • Zip Code
  • Email Address

Genesee County in Michigan still sees severe auto crash accidents, injuries, and property damage annually. To stay safe on the road, Flint, MI drivers should get personalized insurance. Insurance plans that take into account client’s individual needs are possible through an independent insurance agency.

SWITCH Insurance Group is one of the most reliable independent insurance agencies in Michigan. With their reliable 24/7 comparison site, Michigan drivers can compare the best insurance rates and policies online anytime.

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