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How To Find Cheap PLPD Insurance

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Getting PLPD insurance is one of the best investments you can make. In the long run, it is the responsible step to take to care of your health and finances in case of an accident. 

That being said, finding cheap PLPD insurance in Michigan can be complicated. Aside from thinking about rates, it is important to find insurance policies that fit your specific needs.

In this article, learn more about :

  • PLPD Insurance Meaning
  • PLPD Coverage
  • Michigan PLPD Insurance Quotes
  • The average cost of PLPD Insurance in Michigan
  • How to find the Cheapest PLPDP Car Insurance in Michigan

Before finding out about ​​cheap PLPD car insurance quotes and the cheapest insurance companies, take a look at PLPD policy inclusions to figure out the right products for you.

What is PLPD Insurance?

PLPD stands for “personal liability and property damage,” or simply liability insurance. While it is a general term for basic car insurance, specifications and coverage will be different in each state.

Michigan PLPD covers medical bills and property damage when a driver is involved in an automobile accident. It will also cover the other driver and their passenger’s medical fees.

PLPD is the minimum requirement for auto insurance by Michigan law.

What is PLPD coverage in Michigan?

PLPD insurance Michigan falls under the No-Fault Act of Michigan which has two components :

  • Personal liability
  • Property damage

Under the No-Fault Policy, PLPD Michigan coverage covers:

Personal Injury Protection or PIP

One of the driving factors for getting PLPD insurance is Personal Injury Protection or PIP.

PIP protects the driver behind the wheel, regardless of who is responsible for an accident. Inclusions and limits for PIP coverage are:

  • Medical bills and expenses: No maximum limit
  • Income or Wage loss: can cover up to 85% of wage for three years but is capped at a specific amount. Take note that this amount changes every year.
  • Other related expenses

Residual Liability Insurance

If a driver is found legally responsible for an auto accident, Residual Liability Insurance wil covers property damage and bodily injury.

Residual liability insurance will cover the maximum amount per accident and per person. Minimum liability coverage is as follows:

  • Per person: $250,000
  • Per accident: $500,000

However, if a driver’s budget will allow more coverage, that is the safest choice. It is recommended that individuals carry no less than $1,000,000 per accident and no less than $500,000 per person.

Bodily Injury Liability Coverage

  • Up to $20,000 for a person who is injured or killed in the auto accident
  • Up to $40,000 for every accident (multiple people are injured or killed)

Property Damage Liability Coverage

Property damage would cover damage to the other driver’s motor vehicle if the accident happened in another state.

  • Up to $10,000 for property damage liability in another state

Property Protection Insurance or PPI

PPI is applied to property that is not a moving motor vehicle, including buildings and parked cars.

  • Up to $1,000,000 for non-vehicular property damage 

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How much is PLPD car insurance in Michigan?

Compared to the national US average, the average cost of PLPD insurance is at least 80% more expensive than the national average insurance premium

PLPD insurance rates in Michigan are one of the most expensive, ranging from $950 up to $3,000 or more per year for the minimum to full coverage auto insurance. This equates to average monthly liability coverage of $159.

The average American spends about $1,680 per year on full coverage insurance or $139.50 per month.

Understanding Auto Insurance Policy

Your auto insurance policy will have three numbers. These represent:

  • First number: bodily injury coverage for each individual
  • Second number: maximum liability coverage per accident
  • Third number: maximum property damage

The cheapest PLPD car insurance is 20/40/10, meaning minimum coverage is:

  • Bodily injury coverage per person: $20,000
  • Bodily injury coverage per accident: $40,000
  • Property damage: $10,000
  • PPI: $1,000,000
  • PIP: No minimum, with $0, $300, or $500 deductible
  • Uninsured motorist bodily injury coverage: $20,000 per person; $40,000 per accident (or multiple people)

What factors affect the PLPD insurance rate in Michigan?

Standard liability coverage is around 50/100/50. However, this is rarely enough, so Michigan drivers are recommended to get liability insurance of at least:

  • 500,000 per person
  • $1,000,000 per accident
  • $100,000 property damage

Several factors can affect your chances of getting cheap PLPD auto insurance. Insurance companies will try to gauge if you are a low or high-risk driver depending on these rating factors:


  • Model, make, year age of vehicle, ownership, and cost of repair)
  • Vehicle safety features

Driving history

  • Driving record 
  • Years of experience
  • How much do you drive


  • Age
  • Gender
  • Profession
  • Marital status
  • Credit history


  • Rates vary by state and zip code
  • Regulations and insurance coverage requirements

What can increase your PLPD car insurance rate?

After figuring out the right coverage for you, keep in mind that there are factors that can drive up ​​the cost of PLPD insurance in Michigan:

Traffic violations

Having a lot of minor and major traffic violations on your driving record will prevent you from getting cheap PLPD insurance. These include DUIs and tickets for speeding, reckless driving, and more.

Driving accidents

Having a history of driving accidents where you are found at fault by the court will affect your insurance premium. 

More drivers on your insurance policy

If another person drives your car, adding them to your insurance policy will increase the cost of PLPD insurance in Michigan. Your insurance agency of choice will check their driving history and driving record.

Insurance lapse

Failing to get insurance for a registered car may indicate that you are high-risk driving. This will hurt your chances of getting the cheapest PLPD in Michigan

How can I get cheaper PLPD insurance?

Now that you know all about the factors that can drive up insurance premiums, let us get into some ways you can get the cheapest PLPD insurance in Michigan:

Pay for auto insurance annually

You can get cheap PLPD in Michigan by paying your auto insurance monthly. Monthly payments are loans, which means that interest is added.

Limit mileage

Driving fewer miles per year means that a driver is a low risk for insurers, making it possible to get cheap PLPD in Michigan.

However, always give an accurate estimate because misquoting your mileage can backfire.

Increase vehicle security

Installing safety devices such as immobilizers, alarms, and locking wheel nuts can help you get cheaper auto insurance.

Settle for the best vehicle for you

Cars with smaller engines typically fall under the low insurance group and have lower premiums.

Typically, luxury cars are more expensive to insure because of the high repair costs. Foreign brands are also difficult to repair due to the import of replacement parts.

Steer clear of modifications

Auto modifications, including styling, audio, and performance, can prevent you from getting cheap PLPD in Michigan.

This is because modified cars are more difficult to repair and are also more likely to get stolen.

Enroll in a driving course

Enrolling in advanced driving courses or traffic schools can help you get an insurance discount from insurance providers.

Before taking the course, though, make sure that your particular insurance agency will recognize the driving course. Their course fees should not outweigh your insurance savings.

Compare investment products

Our final and most important tip is to compare insurance quotes to ensure that you get the cheapest PLPD car insurance.

Letting your insurance auto-renew might seem like a convenient choice, but you are actually losing more than $200 by comparing different insurance costs.

With online insurance quotation programs, you can quickly and easily compare the cheapest PLPD auto insurance Michigan.

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Which car insurance is cheapest?

Concerning our final tip to “compare investment products,” this section is to help you compare some of the cheapest PLPD car insurance in Michigan.

Michigan has higher than the average cost for PLPD insurance, with rates more than twice that of surrounding states. In Michigan, annual auto insurance rates vary greatly, though. The average and lowest rates are at $1,070, while the most expensive at around $5,200.

In this section, we’ll get into the best Michigan auto insurance companies for affordable rates on:

Progressive Insurance

This insurance company has sold auto insurance since the 1930s. In the current market, Progressive is the third-largest US insurer based on market share.

For cheap ​​PLPD car insurance, Progressive boasts low average premiums, and clients also have access to convenient digital tools, making their auto insurance products a real bang for the buck. On the Progressive website and mobile app, you can file claims, pay bills, access ID cards, and make changes to your purchases.

The average Michigan premium for minimum auto insurance coverage is around $950 per year or around $80 per month. Overall, Progressive offers the cheapest PLPD auto insurance Michigan rates based on age, coverage amount, mileage, and credit history.


If you are looking for cheap PLPD and full coverage premiums, USAA offers premiums way below the average cost of PLPD insurance in Michigan.

The average annual premium for minimum coverage is lowest at USAA at around $875. The average premium for full coverage is around $1250+.

According to USAA, you can save an average of over $700 if you switch to USAA. The company also offers generous discounts to help you save more on their different insurance products.

Take note that USAA is not eligible for official JD Power rankings, but the company does receive consistently high scores.


Geico has a reputation for being one of the most affordable car insurance companies in Michigan. The company has low average premiums, even for drivers with poor credit history. 

Even though Geico is one of the cheapest auto insurers in Michigan, the company makes sure to offer customers the best service. It is the second-largest insurer in the US, with more than 17 million policies covering 28 million vehicles on the road.

The average coverage rate is around $1,100 annually, which means drivers can get 10% to 15% less than the national average in terms of mileage, coverage type, driving record, and credit history.

Geico is one of the best choices for drivers with poor credit history and some violations on their driving record, including a DUI.

How to get cheap PLPD car insurance in Michigan

The best way to get cheap PLPD insurance in Michigan is to get in touch with a licensed professional. Insurance agents will get to know your specific needs and background to design a program that is fit for your budget. IIf you are looking for the cheapest PLPD car insurance, find help from an independent insurance agent.

Independent insurance agents represent different insurance agencies, so clients can find an insurance package that is truly tailored for them.  This means that you can save a significant amount of money by paying only for the insurance products you need. 

Here are just some of the benefits of trusting an independent insurance agency:

  1. Easier coordination with insurance companies
  2. Building a relationship with a trusted agent
  3. Personalizing insurance plans to fit your needs, budget, and goals
  4. Well-versed in community needs and solutions
  5. Expert guidance in times of distress
  6. Save money by purchasing only handpicked insurance products 

Finding Cheap PLPD Auto Insurance Michigan

The best way to save your finances, especially during unforeseen circumstances, is to get comprehensive PLPD coverage. 

Take note that PLPD Michigan does not cover collision or comprehensive coverage. PLPD will

take care of the majority of costs from a vehicular accident, particularly involving the other driver and their car.

You can rest assured that PLPD will cover:

  • Medical bills of the injured driver and passengers
  • Legal fees
  • Other relevant damage costs to vehicles and property

Some drivers may find the need to get more comprehensive auto insurance in Michigan. It is possible to get cheap full coverage car insurance as long as you find a trusted independent insurance agent.

Before choosing insurance policies, make sure to compare insurance rates and specifications carefully.

Cheap PLPD Auto Insurance

We recommend getting in touch with an independent insurance agent to help you understand Michigan insurance coverage and requirements. Insurance agents will also introduce you to discounts and products that can help you save more in the long run.

Comparing auto insurance rates from multiple insurance companies takes a lot of time and energy. You also need to figure out the best policies to fit your budget, needs, and net worth.

The process can be simplified by getting a PLPD insurance quote online. With auto insurance comparison sites, you can find the cheapest PLPD insurance in Michigan. 

Auto Insurance Quote Comparison Sites

The easiest and most convenient way to find the best rates is to use online insurance comparison sites.

By getting a brief overview of your insurance policy options, it is easier to make a decision based on your specific needs and assets.

While it is possible to review each insurance company’s website and rates, a side-by-side comparison will give you a better glimpse of the pros and cons of settling with an insurance company.

Finding cheap PLPD car insurance in Michigan

Independent insurance agencies like SWITCH Insurance Group work with several top-rated insurance companies to ensure that you get the best deal possible. Compared to working with an independent insurance agent, not only will you get access to affordable rates, but you can rest assured that you’ll get auto insurance products that are tailored for you.

SWITCH Insurance group has been in the business for over 12+ years, and the company is currently serving more than 3,000 active clients with unique insurance solutions.

The expert team at SWITCH acknowledges that there is no one solution to insurance. Every client can have the opportunity cheap PLPD rates and more with their free online quotation service:

Through the SWITCH website, clients can find the best insurance policy in less than 10 minutes. The SWITCH team will tailor an insurance plan according to your budget and unique needs. Once the team is able to get a grasp of the best coverage for you, SWITCH will provide you an overview of multiple rates from insurance companies.

You can instantly be connected to the top-rated insurance providers in Michigan through the SWITCH online quote service.  Make sure to enter your name and zip code quotation. SWITCH makes it a point to make to provide quick yet personalized insurance quotes for a painless transaction on your part.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with the friendly support team at SWITCH Insurance Group for more assistance.

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